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Lloyd Carr, born in Alliance, Nebraska has been involved in Aviation since age twenty. After graduation from the Von Hoffman School of Aeronautics in St. Louis, Missouri in 1930, he and a friend bought a wrecked OX-5 American Eagle Bi-plane, rebuilt it and taught himself to fly. In 1958 he was hired to manage the Sidney Municipal Airport. There he started Overland Air Service, operated a Piper Aircraft Dealership and Certified Service Center, taught nearly  one hundred people to fly, was instrumental in the development of commercial service by Frontier Airlines, and fostered the growth and development of the airport and General Aviation for twenty-six years. Carr logged 12,000 hours of safe flying and was especially renowned for his  mechanical abilities. During the blizzard of 1949 he flew along Highway 30 for many hours looking for survivors. Arizona Wing, the OX-5 Aviation Pioneers, made him an honorary member for his contributions to aviation.


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