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Mr. John Johnston, Manager

Harvard State Airfield

Rt. 1, Box 16
Harvard, NE 68944
Phone: (402) 772-3291

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Mr. Lyle Johnson, Manager

Scribner State Airfield

1574 County Road J
Hooper, NE 68031
Phone: (402) 654-2723
Shop: (402) 654-2200

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Mr. Timothy Krienert, Manager

Fairmont State Airfield
Route 2, Box 94
Fairmont, NE 68354
Phone: (402) 268-4521

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State of Nebraska - Department of Aeronautics - Services & Functions

Engineering Division - Contact Russ Gasper (402)471-7700 FAX(402)471-2906

The Engineering Division assists Public-use Airports with planning, construction and maintenance. We offer several programs to accomplish this task. First we offer State Aid Grants for planning and construction. Additional information on the grants is contained in our Checklist for State Grants document. Application for a State Grant can be submitted using a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) form.

Larger planning and construction projects are accomplished using a Federal Grant. When applying for a Federal Grant a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) form must be used.

For either a State or Federal Grant, the Department requires that a Registered Professional Engineer be employed to plan, design and inspect the project. We have produced a Sample Engineering Agreement for use in acquiring engineering services.

We have also have the following sample files for contract documents:

For FAA projects,click the link below
FAA projects download
For State Grant Projects, use the links below
Sample Information to bidders word format

We offer no-interest loans for Hangars andFuel Systems

We offer a grant program to seal existing airport pavements. We call it ourPavement Preservation Program.

The Department also offers very low cost programs to fill Cracks and Joints and Mark Airport pavements.
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