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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:    Contact: David Morris, Aviation Education Coordinator


       Since 1986, the Nebraska Department of Transportation/Aeronautics Division has sponsored an annual Aviation Art Contest for the benefit of our youth.   The program goal is to motivate and encourage young people to become more familiar with and participate in aeronautics, engineering, math, and science.  There are three age categories of contestants: 6-9, 10-13, and 14-17 for boys and girls.

     Have you ever looked out the window, and wondered what it would be like to fly? Inside many of us, a dream to fly is just waiting for the chance of coming to life. Nature has many ways of encouraging us to dream. For those who want to join the hawks of the air, dreams of flight will lead to new aircraft of many types. In addition, these aircraft of many shapes & sizes will allow us to race through the air with ease and grace. For many, the race to the border of space will lead to dreams of high-powered aircraft going faster and higher than ever before. Each achievement in flight started with a dream. Along the way, aviation enthusiasts built their dreams on the works of those who came before. Now, it is your turn. wherever your imagination takes you when you look to the clouds, it's time to pick up your favorite art supplies and share your thoughts of "My Dream to Fly." 

     Entries for the contest need to be submitted to the Department of Transportation/Division of Aeronautics and postmarked by January 18, 2019. An awards ceremony will be held during April 2019, recognizing state, national, and international winning students for their accomplishments. The winning art will be displayed for everyone to enjoy as well as numerous aircraft on static display and refreshments.  For further information and an entry brochure, contact David Morris at the Department of Transportation/Division of Aeronautics by e-mail or call 402-471-2371. 

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