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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my airplane With the NDOT Division of Aeronautics?

I noticed a tower that used to be lit at night doesn't have a light anymore. Can I report this?
Yes. You can call 877-487-6867 to report tower light outages.

How do I find out about FAA Safety Seminars locations and schedules?

Visit the FAA webpage -

Who is responsible for flight safety and investigating allegations of unsafe flight?
FAA's Flight Standards Office is the regulatory agency for flight safety.

FAA-Flight Standards Division Web site

Who do I contact about airline consumer issues?
The U.S. Department of Transportation. Contact them for airline issues such as denied boarding, lost baggage, overbooking, ticketing, and statistics for on-time performance.

DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division Web site

An aircraft was flying low over my land or house, what can I do?
Contact the FAA-Flight Standards Division Web site

Where can I find Rules and Regulations regarding the NDOT Division of Aeronautics?
Click here