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Gary M. Trego was born in North Platte, Nebraska on August 11, 1937. After serving in the U.S. Navy and attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, he returned to work on the family ranch in Sutherland, NE in the early 60's. He enjoyed ranching but had an additional desire — to fly. He convinced his father that he could perform all his ranch duties and run an aviation business on the side. Trego built a sod strip on the family ranch and obtained a Part 135 charter certificate. Trego Charter Service was born. In,1966, Trego and his wife, Terry, established Trego Aviation, Inc. in Ogallala, NE, owning and operating the FBO. Trego held a Part 135 charter certificate and served as chief pilot. In 1968, he moved his flying career to North Platte, where he became president of Lee Bird Flying Service. In 1970, Trego became the owner of the FBO in North Platte and re-established it as Trego Aviation, Inc. Once again, he held a Part 135 charter certificate and was chief pilot and Director of Operations. The Tregos have remained owners ever since.

In 1994, their daughter, Traci and son-in-law, Vince Dugan became co-owners and the name was changed to Trego/Dugan Aviation, Inc. In the late 90's Trego received a type rating in the Citation 500 series of private jets. In 2003, Trego-Dugan Jet Management, LLC was created and a charter base was established at Chicago Executive Airport. At the same time, Trego/Dugan Aviation, Inc formed a subsidiary and purchased the assets of Grand Island Aviation, becoming the FBO in Grand Island, NE. In 2009, Trego/Dugan expanded into airline ground handling, performing counter and baggage services. As of November 2011, the Trego/Dugan family of companies operates the FBOs in North Platte and Grand Island, conducts airline ground handling for two airlines in five states and has six private jets on it’s Part 135 charter certificate. Trego has over 13,000 hours of flight time in aircraft as varied as a Piper Cub and the Citation II business jet. His ratings include commercial, multi-engine, airline Transport Pilot, CFI and CFII. He has received numerous aviation awards including the 1990 Nebraska Flight Instructor of the Year and the 1990 Flight Instructor of the Year–Central Region. Trego Aviation was the regional Piper Dealer of the Decade in the 1980's. Trego was appointed by the Governor of Nebraska as a Commissioner of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics. He served on the Commission from 1990 to 2000 and as Chairman in 1993 and 1998.





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