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Dr. Jaworski pioneered hot air ballooning in Nebraska as the first native Nebraskan licensed to fly a hot air balloon. Between 1972 and 2017 he accrued over 2,800 hours of flight, carried over 7,000 passengers, and generated more than $360,000 for the benefit of charitable organizations.

He is known worldwide for his enhancements to the double-walled hot air balloon in which he holds duration and distance world records. He developed techniques for high altitude balloon deployment of a manned hang glider; as well as high altitude long distance flights.

In addition to flying, winning, and organizing Nebraska competitive events, Dr. Jaworski is a frequent speaker at national ballooning seminars and Nebraska elementary schools.

As long-term President, charter member, and community coordinator for the Nebraska Balloon Club, he assists communities and charities in staging ballooning events.

He enjoys sharing the joy of flying with passengers of all ages. He actively seeks individuals with special needs and provides balloon flights to paraplegics, terminally ill, blind, and infirmed aged, who seek a new experience in life.



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