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William (Bill) Lyon left his hometown of Shelbyville, Illinois shortly after graduating from high school and landed in Lincoln, courtesy of the US Air Force. His vision of becoming an Air Force pilot changed direction when he earned his Private Pilot certificate through the Lincoln Aviation Institute. He was now destined for a long and distinguished career of service to Nebraska’s aviation community. Lyon progressed rapidly, earning his Multi-engine, Instrument, Helicopter and Instructor ratings, as well as his Aircraft and Power plant license. When Lyon joined the Department of Aeronautics in 1969 he was already a polished professional, having accumulated over 4,000 hours of instructor time. Going from his role as an instructor to that of Department Pilot was a natural transition for Bill as he widened his leadership role in general aviation. Over the next 40 years Bill Lyon’s quiet professionalism impacted nearly every facet of aviation in Nebraska. Starting as Aviation Services Representative and PIREPS editor, Lyon’s influence continued to expand to include pilot seminars, state aviation charts, airfield inspections, airport directories and special projects, such as aerial photography and airborne infrared sensors. His legacy includes his role as a founding member of the annual Aircraft Maintenance Symposium. But, flying has always been his true passion. Rated as an Airline Transport Pilot with over 16,000 hours, Bill has flown untold numbers of distinguished executives. They include Governors Tieman, Exon, Thone, Kerry, Orr, Nelson, Johanns, and Heineman. His accomplishments have been recognized on the national scene by the National Association of State Aviation

Officials, the National Business Aircraft Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Lyon retired from the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics in 2011. Bill Lyon has influenced virtually every sector of aviation in Nebraska—from airports and commercial enterprises to executive transportation and flying safety. Bill is a true icon in Nebraska’s general aviation community.


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