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Roy W. Timm was born in Wahoo, Nebraska and raised on a farm southwest of Ithaca, Nebraska. He moved to Iowa at a early age, graduated from high school at Green, Iowa and became involved in aviation. Roy traded labor for flying time and instruction from a farmer-flight instructor, who had a strip on a farm near Floyd, Iowa. Upon returning from the Army Roy helped at the family farm and worked at the Fremont, Nebraska airport, instructing, spraying crops, flying charter, and in the airshow business. In 1955 he earned his Airline Transport Rating. He moved to Keokuk, Iowa when the Hoerner Box company bought their first airplane, a Cessna 310. This was the start of a thirty-year corporate aviation history with Hoerner Box company and their succeeding companies. Upon retirement in 1982 he moved back to the farm and returned to flight instruction. Roy instructed for COMAIR in Cincinnati, American Central Airlines, Mid Continent Airlines, and Sky Harbor Air Service in Omaha. During this period Roy checked instructors, pilots, and students. He passed on knowledge gained from more than forty years and 30,000 hours of flying.



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